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01 March 2017

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Ordering Wedding Invitations

Ordering Wedding Invitations


3 key tips to keep in mind when ordering wedding invitations


Ordering wedding invitations is not an easy process and that is why The Magical Events wants to advise you on which elements you need to focus on in order to make a good impression on your guests.




Invitations should be sent about three months before the agreed date of wedding. Remember that guests also need some time to prepare for this important event. It is worth knowing that wedding invitations should be ordered properly in advance, taking into consideration the time needed for printing and shipment.

Don’t forget to include the shipment and cost of invitations to your wedding budget! The amount you have to reserve will largely depend on the number of invitations, newlywed couple’s choice of style of the invitations and supplements such as cards on which guests can write down their dietary needs.


Before choosing and ordering wedding invitations it is important to calculate the number of guests and add a few blank invitations in case of a change of plans or some mistake during filling in. If you use the services of The Magical Events we will take care of this somewhat time-consuming task for you!


When inviting foreigners to your wedding, make sure that the text of the invitations is translated into the language of the invited guests. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to do it, The Magical Events will help you with pleasure in this matter as well.


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Personalization and technical matters


The most important element of wedding invitations is the text because the guests will learn from it where and when will your wedding ceremony and wedding reception take place. In fact, it is the content that matters, not the style and form of the invitation.

Pay attention to the font and the type of print, choosing one that reflects you the best and makes all the information in your invitation clear and fully legible to the guests. Take a close look at the arrangement of all the elements on your invitation. Is everything clear and legible? Does it contain all the most important information? Answering phone calls from guests who do not know how to get to the place of the ceremony is the last thing you will want to do on the day of your wedding.



Style and colour


Define the style of your wedding ceremony. The invitation is intended to give the guests the first impression of the style of your wedding and wedding reception.


Choose the leading colors for your wedding. Perhaps it is worth including your chosen colors in your wedding invitations and then keep the rest of the stationery in the same coloring.


There are details you probably didn’t expect to pay attention to some time ago. Play with the shape and the size of your wedding invitations! How about less traditional ones: square or round? How do you like this unique idea?



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