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19 October 2018

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Hottest Wedding Trends 2019 – Part I

Hottest Wedding Trends 2019 – Part I




Part I

As we all know, wedding trends come and go. Some of them stay longer and others become boring after a short time. The Magical Events is here to tell you which of them deserve your attention. We also want to inspire you to refresh your vision of the wedding by adding one or more of the proposed trends for 2019.




Until recently, weddings and wedding receptions were dominated by pastel colours, while now there is a big frenzy for shades of purple, burgundy and black – as a background for floral patterns. However, you should remember to not exaggerate with the multitude of elements of decoration in these deep, dark colours. Then instead of creating nice accents, they will overwhelm with their intensity.




An absolute hit, which doesn’t seem to go away, is the introduction of nature into the place of wedding reception thanks to the greenery installations. Not only colourful flowers! Thanks to this we can feel as if we were celebrating outside.



Floral hoops are a great idea, for example, for hanging decorations (thanks to which we still have a lot of space), and even replacing a bouquet of the Bride! Ideas are limited only by your imagination ?


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Balloons do not have to be associated only with birthday parties. There are many decorations in interesting shapes that can be created from them: from arches, through balloon walls (they are a great background for photos), even to the coverage of the entire ceiling.



Buffet table and wedding cake


More and more often the newlywed couples, instead of a traditional meal at the table, choose some form of buffet – tables with smaller portions of different food. Such a simple idea brings more relaxed atmosphere and what is more, your guests can put on a plate whatever and whenever they want.


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The guest of honour is clearly a wedding cake. The trend in this matter is so-called “naked cake”, which is a lighter version of this caloric, wedding sweetness. It is not covered with any cream, icing or sugar mass, so you can see its layers. It suits best an idyllic, rustic style. Remember: less is more ?



Video booth


If you are bored with photobooths at weddings, make sure you have a video booth. This is a new, creative form of wishes, which can be recorded by your guests. It will be surely a great souvenir for the rest of your life. You may even be surprised while watching the recordings after your wedding if your loved ones have entered the video booth after a few glasses of champagne – they may find Whitney Houston inside them ?



The next part of wedding trends 2019 will be devoted to the Bride’s outfit, so get ready for a huge dose of inspiration to refresh the traditional dress ?

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