Hottest Wedding Trends 2019 - Part II


12 December 2018

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Hottest Wedding Trends 2019 – Part II

Hottest Wedding Trends 2019 – Part II


Bridal hair accessories


The wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, which took place this year, definitely left a mark in wedding trends. Its influence can be seen the most in the fashion for.



Wedding dress


During this year’s Bridal Fashion Week we could notice, among others, a revival of bows and puffed sleeves.



We have a great replacement for floral hair wreaths – floral belts. This is an unquestionable hit, which will add expressiveness and femininity to your wedding dress!



An interesting alternative to the traditional veil is the cape. Many Brides decide to decorate their wedding dress this way because of the freshness of the idea. If you are scared that you will look like a Superwoman ready to rescue the world – don’t be! Capes may look really feminine and be a delicate accessory with beautiful patterns. Your appearance will change to being a Superbride with a lot of charm! ?




Chriara Ferragni’s wedding proves the popularity of two-piece wedding dresses, which are a combination of a top/body with a long skirt. This is a new approach, but how interesting! Thanks to this, you can wear a truly unique outfit, because each Bride has a different sense of style and doesn’t have to be limited to readymade dresses in boutiques.




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Along with a famous wedding in the British Royal Family a trend for very simple, elegant dresses also appeared. If you are modest and don’t like unnecessary decorations, you can decide to wear such an outfit. Beauty and class are in simplicity, aren’t they?




Shoes, or maybe barefoot?


Are you planning a wedding on the beach or in boho style? Bet on comfort during this important day and don’t wear high heels. Currently, at such wedding receptions more fashionable are barefoot ornaments rather than shoes. They are very boho and unquestionably add some charm, right?




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