How to Choose Your Wedding Colors in 6 Easy Steps


27 February 2018

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How to Choose Your Wedding Colors in 6 Easy Steps

How to Choose Your Wedding Colors in 6 Easy Steps

Every engaged couple wants their wedding to be one of the most beautiful days in their life. We are sure that you will want to take all necessary steps to make your wedding day beautiful and colorful as much as possible.

The Magical Events has prepared a comprehensive six step guide, which you can follow to select your wedding colors with minimum hassle.

Choosing your wedding colors

We suggest the following 6 steps to help you both in your endeavor.

  1. The location you choose

When looking at wedding colors you should always keep your venue in mind. The walls, seating, floor and even drapes need to go well with the colors you will pick. The colors should always match the place.

  1. The season

Pick the season that you would like to get married. It would be great if the colors fit the season. The color choices of people vary along with the season.

Spring and summer weddings look best in pastels or bright colors while winter and autumn can be reds and oranges. We suggest that you take a look at the season, where your wedding date falls into.

  1. Colors you both love

    Check out the colors that you both personally have liked and loved over the years and select one or two. You should make your wedding personalized as much as possible. That’s where you should think about getting colors that both you and your partner love. This can help you to deliver your own personal identity into the wedding. In addition, you would love to celebrate the best day of your life surrounded by your favorite colors.

  1. Think simple

Keep it as simple as possible, as it is really the light and simple colors that stand out daintily. In fact, selecting simple colors for the wedding has become a popular trend among people who live out there in the world as well. Maybe you should think about getting the most out of that trend. You will not find it as a difficult task to select simple colors that you want for the wedding.

  1. Professional advice

Talk to your wedding planner about the colors that can be incorporated into your wedding invitations, wedding cake, flowers and design.

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  1. Pleasing

Last but not least, you need to be careful to select pleasing colors to your wedding. The color that you select should be pleasing to the eyes and that is for you as well as everyone who would attend. This can help you to deliver a lasting impression to all the guests who would turn up at your wedding as well. On the other hand, you will be able to look great in the photos captured at your wedding as well.

Picking the colors of your wedding would be one of the first steps that you would need to decide on together, and that would be the first too, in walking that long road together hand in hand, deciding on so many challenges that life would throw at you both.

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