“I came up with an idea of starting THE MAGICAL EVENTS after attending one of my friend’s wedding. It was a horror to watch the newlyweds who couldn’t sit back and enjoy their special day. Stress accompanied them from the marriage proposal to the wedding day. As intensely busy professionals they had a big problem to pull off their complex creative ideas. Unfortunately, the wedding day itself was also far from perfect because of multiple situations that the couple didn’t anticipate. Some guests couldn’t find the right location and they missed the wedding ceremony, the band forgot their first dance song and played a totally different song ruining this special moment for which they had prepared. The wedding cake didn’t arrive on time and there was no one who would prevent the problem with the icing melting off the big, beautiful cake… On top of that, someone stepped on the bride’s dress and tore its edge. This is when the bride was no longer able to hide her despair and this is also when I decided that I am going to help other couples avoid such situations and let them fully enjoy the most important day, make it stress-free, beautiful and truly MAGICAL. I have always enjoyed planning different types of parties and events and now as a professional I am making sure that the event planning process is simple and enjoyable for my clients who want the event to be authentic, creative and of course MAGICAL.”

Klaudia Płoska – founder of The Magical Events

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Klaudia P

Owner of the company. Certified wedding and event planner. Logistical mastermind. Wedding magician.

Klaudia has an innate ability to help couples fight their pre-wedding stress, make their planning process

very smooth and discover what would make their big day magically special.


Wedding consultant. Inspirational resource. Organizational genius.

Justyna is a great admirer of wedding challenges.

She puts her heart and soul into planning wedding ceremonies.

She copes perfectly with stressful situations.

Klaudia D

Wedding day coordinator. Born perfectionist. Schedule lover.

Klaudia is energetic and had a mind full of new ideas.

She loves planning because she knows that everything will go her way.

Has unlimited imagination abounding in dream wedding scenarios.


Creativity and unconventionality - this is what guides her at work.
She loves to be inspired by everything that comes her way.
Always well organized. She likes to prepare herself for various scenarios
so that nothing can surprise her.

With Klaudia P, Klaudia D and Justyna they make a magical team!