01 July 2020

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The appearance of new wedding trends is a common phenomenon which obviously doesn’t mean that some of them are justified in the Polish wedding reality. When few years ago we found out about bridesmaid for hire, we admit that our first reaction was a surprise. Why should someone hire a bridesmaid? It turned out that there are at least several reasons for that.

The first person in the world to provide bridesmaid for hire service was of course.. An American woman – Jen Glantz 😊 I am writing of course, because the USA is a country where the wedding industry is very developed and every year there are dozens of new trends that the whole world follows.

So, what exactly does a bridesmaid for hire do? Well, her job is, among other things, to take care of the Bride and put out fires during the Wedding Day, and all of this is related to:

  • organising a bachelorette party

  • helping you choose your dream wedding dress

  • being at your side during the wedding ceremony

  • making a speech at the wedding reception

  • sometimes even inviting shy guests to the dance floor

  • solving all the problems that arise unexpectedly on the Wedding Day such as torn tights, forgotten wedding rings, heavy rain ruining makeup and hairstyle, or grandparents who can’t get to church on their own



However, in a situation where a Bride and Groom live abroad on a daily basis and come to Poland to get married and simply don’t have a bridesmaid, such person may only be needed to formalize the marriage in the Church or the Registry Office, so to be present and sign where needed 😊 The bridesmaid for hire is also useful for couples who are getting married in secret from relatives who don’t necessarily support their relationship. In such situation she is, of course, fully anonymous and discreet. There are also couples who are so embarrassed by the fact that they were forced to hire a bridesmaid that her task may also be to act in front of their family and guests that they know each other very well. Such cases also happen. The whole range of bridesmaid for hire services can be determined according to the individual needs of each Bride and Groom, depending on their life situation.

The bridesmaid for hire, in a word, can serve as a formal witness only but also can help before and during the Wedding Day. Then she makes sure that everything goes according to the plan, and if not, she acts quickly. Umm… what services does it bring to mind? Exactly! The wedding planner’s job! 😊 This is, roughly speaking, nothing more than the wedding coordination service provided, among other things, by our team of The Magical Events wedding consultants. However, our work is much more than that. We also take care, for example, of cooperation with all subcontractors on the Wedding Day, checking if all wedding services are provided according to the signed contracts, we coordinate the work of the hotel, restaurant, transport, musicians, photographers, florists, decorators, animators and many other subcontractors with a pre-planned Wedding Day scenario.

Now, of course, the question arises as to what is the sense of deciding on hiring a bridesmaid in the Polish reality. Well, some of the Fiancées don’t have siblings or close friends who could be a bridesmaid in a purely formal and legal dimension or who could be entrusted with such a role with full confidence that they are prepared for it and will certainly be able to cope with various, demanding knowledge and experience, tasks.

As far as the wedding industry in Poland is concerned, we can say with satisfaction that wedding planners are more than just Wedding Day organizers. They often make friends with their Bride and Groom, they are their voice of reason, support, and sometimes even their arm to cry. In The Magical Events we love our work and that’s why it’s more than a duty to us and for a long time of preparing your special day together we are getting closer to you. On your Wedding Day we are like invisible fairies removing various curses that try to ruin your beautiful day, because we don’t only care about subcontractors doing their work as agreed, but above all about your sincere, wide smile which reflects the fulfillment of your biggest dreams, blissful peace and great trust in us 😊 The bridesmaid for hire service is still little known in Poland, but who knows, it may evolve and adapt to our reality so that it nimbly alternates with the whole wedding industry.

All the above weddings were planned and organized by The Magical Events – TOP Wedding Planners in Poland